Baccus hat uns bei der Weinherstellung geführt

Alte Kulturen haben ihr wertvollstes Gut dem Schutz der Götter anvertraut. Baccus, der römische Gott des Weines, hat uns im Weinanbau und in der Weinherstellung geführt.

Der Name Lacrima Baccus ist nicht zufällig gewählt, sondern in Anerkennung unserer Vorfahren.  Alles begann im Jahr 1890 mit der Herstellung und Reifung von Weinen und Cava.

Heutzutage führen wir die traditionellen Verarbeitungsmehtoden weiter und kombinieren sie mit der besten Technologie, um für die höchste Qualität unserer Produkte zu garantieren.

Wineshop: Rossorubino

Location: Via Madama Cristina 21, Turin

Opinions: A MUST for those who are tourists and for those who live in this wonderful city

Mark: 10 with merit!

Projects in progress: a lot!


Rossorubino, with its creative and incomparable partners and brothers, Edoardo and Andrea, are the soul of this specialized wine shop, located in a central area, with an excellent location and a continuous influx of people.

Our Export team met them in the well-organized, spacious and full of personality shop. We noticed that they are always very frank and direct and communicate sincerely to anyone who crosses the door of Rossorubino that, before being customers, they are people that the team (which consist of Edoardo, Andrea, Blue and Federica) would like to discover and with whom to establish a relationship. In fact, their modus operandi is that costumers present themselves, to fully understand the demands, and to provide them with what they are looking for and be sure of what they appreciate, what excites them and what inspires them well-being and joy.

Costumers are like the Delosperma cooperi flower, better known as the “pink carpet”, very colorful and with multiple shades, from yellow to red, from pink to violet and which opens its petals only when the sun shines. When people enter the shop, shy and with confused ideas about what they are looking for, they are "opened" by the kindness and professionalism of these professionals. They are the "sun" that opens infinite possibilities inside what they are intending to buy (yes, because the portfolio of Rossorubino is very wide). The dynamic focuses on dialogue and questions to address the desires of people and thus open an empathic channel and accordingly satisfy their dreams.

Rossorubino is a place conceived to explore the universe of wine in its different forms expression and manifestation from tasting to conviviality, from pairings to the cultural encounter.

We noticed with pleasure that Rossorubino, thanks to hard work, good communication in social networks and new technological implementations increased its product references. Its fame is undoubtedly due to the continuous exclusive and innovative activities which are organized as experimental pairings, professional tastings, free tastings to promote new products, gastronomic activities with cheeses and chocolates, jazz concerts and possibilities to organize personalized events. During several years of work, the perseverance rewarded them and the enoteca has been named in prominent magazines and gastronomic books such as GUIDA DEI CENTO 50 ristoranti + 50 piole, GUIDA L'ESPRESSO, IL SAPORAIO, TORINO PER IL GOLOSO as well as articles  about them in the newspapers LA STAMPA and LA REPUBBLICA.

Always faithful to its 3S philosophy (selection, suggestions and satisfaction) our Lacrima Baccus range works impeccably. It is always a real pleasure to hear that "we are the star cavas of their unforgettable occasions" and we cannot avoid getting red for emotion.

The pleasant and sudden news of this year has been the opening of a new wine shop at Turin airport. Being Turin a city with many students and young people (especially foreign students in Erasmus period) has an optimal connection with Spain and many people fly regularly.

The hope of the team touches the stars of the sky, but Edoardo and Andrea have their feet firmly anchored to the ground. They know that a season of tests and study of strategies awaits them (especially as regards the flow of people, the analysis of the age segment of the clients and the study of peak hours of affluence).

The shop is a paradise, where the faint colors infuse a sense of harmony and imperturbability, a classic and elegant style with a main window with a wall that represents the  soil of the vineyard and metal supports that represent the trunk of the vine that hold the bottles (the final product).

Our Lacrima Baccus’ products are located in the center of the store where there is enough lighting and visibility something that invites costumers to approach, a strategic point because the client inevitably drops a glance on the products due to the play of lights that facilitates the perceptibility.

We sincerely hope that all the dreams of this great team will be fulfilled, because as Neil Gaiman says: "Let people dream! Dreams shape the world. Dreams recreate the world."


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