"The European common agricultural policy must be more oriented to support farmers with tax money, protect the environment, animals, water, biodiversity and climate. Organic farmers have been in Germany for many years. Nowadays is the moment when organic farming, not only economically, but also ecologically is successful. "

The BioFach fair is held in Nuremberg every year and is considered as the most important fair platform in the international business of organic products. It covers everything from raw materials and food to textiles, cosmetic and hygiene products.

As a parallel activity, at Biofach, conferences and talks are organized to analyze the future of both the organic food industry and its agriculture.

The participation to this event represents an exponential growth each year, given the greater awareness on the part of the population about the consumption of organic products.

Around 50,000 visitors and 2,962 exhibitors - 804 are German visitors - participate in this great event.

It is important to see how each year new trends are detected, that open our minds and bring us closer to new habits and at the same time to interesting knowledge. For example, last year emerged the growing popularity in the use of algae, superfoods and products with a high protein index, the tendency to create regional versions of global product trends, the continued commitment to the creation of substitute versions of pasta food, alternative beverages, the new presentation formats of traditional products and the increase of products from vegetable oils especially coconut and olive.

Some countries are much more open and sensitive to change, others less willing and more distrustful, in any case, thanks to the awareness campaigns that have been carried out in recent years, the first results begin to be tangible. Now is the moment when the consumer can really choose "bio" products! This year's slogan is "let's think less about the calories and more about the used chemicals products" and the T-shirts of the organizers shout it out.

The need for healthy and natural foods and the interest in organic products has divided consumers between "bio" and "traditionalists". However, many consumers are convinced that they are using organic products, while in fact they are buying natural, integrated, dietary or macrobiotic products. This stems from the fact that the perception of biological quality is often summarized and generalized and there is no clarity about the difference between the biological and the conventional.

Among the causes that stop the spread and growth of organic products in the market are the cost, the difficulty of finding the products regularly in the usual outlets and the insufficient preparation of the merchants with respect to the organic products they sell. There is still a long way to go to make all these products more and more affordable!

Regarding food, the nutritional quality is certainly the same, while from the environmental point of view the reduction of contamination (which can be derived from agricultural practices) is very high. The characteristics of organic foods are constituted by the clarity with respect to the origin of the raw materials, the relative certification of the product and freshness and respect for hygiene standards.If we want to know even more, when we speak of "bio" we refer to natural substances, which are present in nature and exclude the use of chemical substances synthesized by man as fertilizers and pesticides.

Our Lacrima Baccus winery has been using organic viticulture for many years, respecting the environment and our mother earth. 2017 for us was the beginning of a historic stage, the moment of obtaining the ecological certificates of the CCPAE from our cavas and wines such as Lacrima Baccus Reserva Rosado, Heretat de Lacrima Baccus, Mar y Cel, Rose and Clear, Âme en Noir and Icarus.

It is fair with these references that we present ourselves for the first time to this so well organized and impeccable event in the charming city of Nuremberg, with its old atmosphere and the powerful castle of Kaiserburg, something simply unforgettable. The beautiful old town is synonymous with medieval charm, rich in historic buildings, spectacular churches, one of the largest pedestrian areas in Germany and the traditional Hauptmarkt.

Unfortunately, the time to visit this intriguing and enigmatic city is very scarce; since the frenetic pace of the fair does not leave us time even to take in the fresh air of Bavaria and this is a very good sign!

Entering the fair you can perceive the penetrating perfume of the spices, the vivid and discrepant colors and the true natural essence of the food. Gastronomy is pleasure, happiness and the main factor to define human identity. Eating and drinking are acts of knowledge that do not end in the simple act of consuming, but produces echoes in the memory.
In the first moments of implacable emotion typical of the "novices" who do not know what to expect, we received during the first day a more focused audience meetings and in the following days the discreet interest was realized in good contacts in different countries.

There is no doubt that it is a very interesting fair that makes us discover new products and new techniques of organic production that range from honey to oil and tiger nuts, an essential event where there is much to discover and much more to learn!