This week we have started with the pruning of the vines, a very important process that will determine the quality of the grape, and as a consequence the quality of the wine of the next harvest. That is why we can affirm that pruning is one of the most important tasks carried out in the vineyards throughout the year. But ... What does it really mean to prune?

It deals with a meticulous job that consists of cutting the ramifications of the strain to prevent it from growing in an uncontrolled way. The period to do it goes from mid-November to the end of February (depending on the area and the vine-grower). This is the best period because it is when the vine goes into winter recess, that is, it minimizes its activity.

The objective of pruning is to leave an optimal number of buds to obtain a good quality of grapes in the future harvest.

The plant of the vine is not as we are used to seeing it in the vineyards. It is really a long-branched shrub that grows by clinging to other trees and distributes its fruits in a completely random way. Therefore, pruning is essential to control the plant, but also to shape it we regulate the production and ensure a good harvest.

In short, pruning is one of the most important operations for the subsequent obtaining of good grapes, and a good balance of sugars and acidity in ripening and will define many aspects of the next harvest.