We landed intrepid at the Kiev airport to attend the Kyiv Wine Festival organized by our distributor Goodwine, a transparent, loyal company with a particular attention to the customer, his demands and, above all, a company formed by a young, alternative, dynamic and prepared people, who focuses all its energy and attention on the experiences of consumers. For this reason, there are innumerable events in different cities that are organized during the year.

Between the colors of the Ukrainian flag like the blue that transmits peace, tranquility and control of the situation and the yellow that according to the psychology of colors has a close connection with optimism, joy and firmness, we got lost between the singularity and the charm of this Country, visiting during our journey the first Orthodox churches of the Slavic history, with their icons that point to the symbolism and reveal recurrent, fascinating features, such as the fact that the design of the face of the drawn subjects always looks deeply and enigmatic. They acquire an excessive power because of the very big, fixed and sometimes melancholic eyes.

According to the philosophy of Lacrima Baccus, traveling in a country for work means being curious and pretending to know the different traditions and divergent ways of thinking. The whole team agrees that it is essential to understand the most heterogeneous cultures and personalities, so that our relationship with clients can be as natural and genuine as possible. We are always full of desire to enrich ourselves from the cultural point of view.

There is no marketing and selling technique that prevails over the historical-social-cultural aspect. Therefore, it is important for our winery to have empathetic, dynamic and unpretentious professionals, ready to create at all times a link based on dialogue and predisposed to active listening.

Under the gaze of the imposing statue of the Motherland and surrounded by the endless river Dnieper, in a friendly environment, we were able to deepen and understand more fully the profile of the customers of our Lacrima Baccus’ cavas during the event.

We realized that the interest in wines in Ukraine is exponentially growing especially as regards young people between 18 and 35 years old. More and more young people are investing money, time and passion to undertake sommelier and gastronomy studies. During the tastings we were surprised by the technical knowledge that people have about the wine-growing cultures of different countries, denominations of origins and grape varieties. A pleasant surprise, especially because the visitors, with humility, discussed with us about different facets of the world of wine!

Needless to say, that the organization by GOODWINE is every year more impeccable.

The dinner on 7th of June gave us the opportunity, apart from regain strength and enjoy a nouvelle cuisine with chefs from different parts of the world with ****Michelin, also to interact with other representatives of wineries and workers of the GOODWINE team.

During the festival the influx was amazing, more than 4000 people ready to have fun learning.

Our products Heretat brut, Lacrima Baccus semi dry, Lacrima Baccus semi dry rosé and the prestigious Primerissimo were very successful due to the fineness and elegance of the delicate and vivid bubble and the fruit notes well balanced and carefully worked.

A special and heartfelt thanks to our distributor that makes us dream every year and leave us mouth -watering feeling just thinking about the next festival!