Summum, whose etimolgy is of Latin origin, means the maximum degree that can be reached, the highest point of a process.

Thus, the meticulous elaboration process makes this cava an emblem of harmony, balance and excellence.

In a bottle of Summum there is summarized an entire history, a style of elaborating cava and a sample of the exigence of our team to achieve the perfection, the sublimity and the maximum expression of the terroir of our soil.

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Heretat Reserva

Heretat is the fruit of the work of our predecessors who, with dedication, patience and tenacity, have taken care of the vineyards.

With their stubbornness, they have been able to transmit the secrets of the development of a good Cava, armed with love and passion for the respect for nature and good quality.

This is a tribute to the winegrowers who, in their simplicity and with methods that in those times were still rudimentary, have been able to transmit the most recondite secrets, taking into account the respect for Mother Nature.


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When we see a bottle of our Lacrima Baccus we can not stop thinking about the year when the grapes were harvested, the people who dedicated their time to the elaboration of our products when a blinding sun shone or when it rained so hard to be the cause of demotivation and concern among employees.

We have to consider that if we open a bottle today, it will have a different flavor that it would have if it were open another day. We always need to have in mind that this cava is the result of the combination of all these factors.


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