Icarus is one of the characters in classical mythology, known for the famous episode of the flight which ended in ruin due to his arrogance, what the Greeks called "Hybris". He is the emblem of the man who dares to challenge the gods, a bit like Ulysses, he goes beyond the limits of human understanding to tend towards something that elevates him from his earthly condition, towards a higher and unreachable dimension. This legendary character is somewhat controversial and is subject to discordant interpretations, for us he is the audacious hero who stands out from everyday life and from "boredom" with this reckless flight. The longing for an ideal of perfection that can not be conquered, the lack of measure, the exaggeration, the extreme desire to go beyond the limits in which the being is destined to remain as perfectible and imperfect. Adrenaline is part of man, otherwise there would be no extreme and reckless actions, which sometimes turn out to be positive. Our identification with this character is complete, we adopt his same attitude and embracing our utopian and Orphic desire, we accept the challenge of producing a wine with the autochthonous variety Xarel·lo without ever conforming ourselves to the products that we are accustomed to elaborate and always opting for the innovation and within reach of the impossible.

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Mar & Cel

The sea and the sky sometimes seem to be confused in the immensity of an elusive gaze. Sometimes it has certainly happened that relaxing on a beach, they cannot be distinguished on the horizon. At that precise point where the sky and the sea meet themselves and merge into a mystical whole is where the infinite, the immeasurable begins.

There is no longer any horizon to sustain it, only the immense desire to look beyond the imaginable, farther from reality, deep in our soul.

In front of so much immensity, we are surprised by a feeling of astonishment and impotence in front of such a breathtaking show where the intangible plays an important role.


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Rose & Clear

Our Rose and Clear cava has a pale salmon colour, exclusive and very striking. It is a colour that reminds us of the twilight of a warm summer sunset on a desolate beach.

During a moment of this twilight joy explodes uncontrollably and jumps to the heart like a stream of pure happiness, dazzling, blinding, like a blade that suddenly sticks without any noise, and radiates a thousand splinters of well-being to the whole body, to every cell of the epidermis.

This twilight proposes the benevolent expectation of a new tomorrow, it is the prelude to passions, dreams, illusions, that each one of us expects to come true. Summer twilight is the
twilight of charm, mere utopia or solid reality, only we can decide this.


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Âme & Noir

Black is the colour of the sunrises, of the principles, of the occlusions in their germinal phase, preceding the luminous and the hopeful explosion of birth and from a psychological point of view, this is expressed in allegorical form as the emergence of the conscious from the darkness of the unconscious.

The soul, at least once in life, finds in the situation of losing itself in the abyss of despair. At this moment of total darkness, of detachment from harsh reality, paradoxically light will resurface, as it does in nature. We arrive at this dark night of the soul because we force to betray ourselves and want to change our nature, moving away from our true essence and our path, losing the true deep sense of existence. The objective of this process of improvement and transition is to allow the liberation of the spirit and the communication between our personality and our soul.

ÂME & NOIR is a wine that invites us to meditation, to speculations. With its elegance and delicacy makes us reach the most intimate parts of our soul and acts as an impulse to continue improving.


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SI it is a range of young and dynamic wines, the freshest and funniest that we offer to our customers, besides being the most flexible and easily adaptable to harmonize with different dishes. Our SI is the answer to the different possibilities that life offers us along our way, at any age. On the label, we can see the drawing of a stylized silhouette reacting to the versatile facets of the opportunities that life provides us, sometimes they appear more cheerful and easy to approach in other situation they present themselves in the form of challenges. Our SI is the answer to acceptance of these manifestations, to rectify with a no always there is time!

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Pico Naranja

Pico Naranja is a solidary wine, the result of a collaborative work between Foundation SETBA, the drawing studio La Casa de Carlota and Bardinet - Lacrima Baccus - the artist Erik Nitsch, from the Catalan Down Syndrome Foundation, was the first winner of the contest " The Balcó de les Arts ".

In the multicolored label we can empathize with the perception that people with Down Syndrome have of things, in general. They tend to draw the essential qualities of things they know, such as the roundness of the head and the symmetry of the human body or, as in this case, the stiffness of the bird's legs or its huge beak, without specific details.

The bright colours make us understand ingenuity, simplicity and vivacity, its analytical and pragmatic character when they reproduce the own experiences. It is undoubtedly the best tribute to our autochthonous variety Grenache


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Més Feliç

Més Feliç is a solidary wine, the result of a collaborative work between Foundation SETBA and Bardinet - Lacrima Baccus.

"The miracle of wine consists in making man what he should never stop being: friend of man". (Ernst Engel). Both animals and humans are sociable beings, the difference is in behaviour. Some move by instinct and impulse, others too, but with the values ​​learned from culture, education, norms and traditions.

The human being knows that he is not enough for himself; he can not live alone, he can not develop physically and psychologically, he can not improve. He is a being that must live in society to be able to manifest in its inner essence expressing its true nature.

This wine is a hymn to sociability, to the innate need to communicate, confront and get rid of imposing limitations. In this wine the Syrah wants to stand out from the other Mediterranean varieties, expressing its potential and firmness alone and with determination.


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