Icarus is one of the characters in classical mythology, known for the famous episode of the flight which ended in ruin due to his arrogance, what the Greeks called "Hybris". He is the emblem of the man who dares to challenge the gods, a bit like Ulysses, he goes beyond the limits of human understanding to tend towards something that elevates him from his earthly condition, towards a higher and unreachable dimension. This legendary character is somewhat controversial and is subject to discordant interpretations, for us he is the audacious hero who stands out from everyday life and from "boredom" with this reckless flight. The longing for an ideal of perfection that can not be conquered, the lack of measure, the exaggeration, the extreme desire to go beyond the limits in which the being is destined to remain as perfectible and imperfect. Adrenaline is part of man, otherwise there would be no extreme and reckless actions, which sometimes turn out to be positive. Our identification with this character is complete, we adopt his same attitude and embracing our utopian and Orphic desire, we accept the challenge of producing a wine with the autochthonous variety Xarel·lo without ever conforming ourselves to the products that we are accustomed to elaborate and always opting for the innovation and within reach of the impossible.

Tasting notes

Colour: Clean and bright, yellow straw of low intensity.

Bouquet: High intensity where apricot notes are perceived along with fresh citrus notes. Good harmony of soft vanilla notes.

Palate: Silky and intense on the palate, a complex wine since it has good unctuousness while retaining a very pleasant freshness.


The grapes are destemmed, cooled, pressed and following alcoholic fermentation in stainless tanks. Transfer to medium alcoholic fermentation, aging of 5 months in 300 liters French oak barrels, clarification, tartaric stabilization before bottling.  

Gastronomy and recommendations

This wine, due to its complexity, is ideal to take with elaborated dishes, such as rice dishes, baked fish, semi-mature cheeses, and poultry. Due to its balance and the conservation of its freshness, it also pairs very well with a mixed grilled or even a blue fish. We can dare with a cream of asparagus with egg.

Type: Vino ECO
Grape varieties: Xarel·lo
Alcohol: 12º (%vol)
Total acidity (t.a.): 5.8 g/l
Sugar: 0.6.g/l
Denomination of Origin: Penedés