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Rossorubino, a wine cellar in Turín

Rossorubino is a wine bar in the city of Turin, in northern Italy, with more than 1600 references and an important focus on which kind of wines and grape varieties the Piemonte region offers. Since 2003, this specialized wine shop is the meeting place for those, who in Turin make wine a pleasure and a passion.

Turin is a youthful and cosmopolitan city, full of charm and surprises, not only for tourists but also for residents. It offers multiple attractions among museums, gastronomy, historic venues, parks and amazing panoramas. Capital of art, culture and innovation and with the dynamism of an open-minded city, it provides unique architectural and monumental buildings.

Seriousness and professionalism is what you breathe as soon as you enter the store. The protagonists of this frequented wine bar are Andrea, artistic director, great connoisseur and winemaker, tireless lover of the noble Pinot noir of Burgundy and Barolo and Barbaresco de la Langa and Edoardo, the pragmatic one with his feet on the ground, who loves the bubbles. Secretly, he revealed to us that our Lacrima Baccus Cava has become since two years the star product of his house, the perfect companion of the most beautiful moments of reunion and celebration with his family. These words encouraged us very much!

The feeling they gave was very positive, they are real pioneer and they persevere in order to extend their enterprise and realize their ambitious projects. Andrea and Edoardo dreams to achieve them without hesitation in a very short period, for this reason we love their energy, their positivism, their search for the best quality and their ability to adapt our portfolio to the market.

This attitude is demonstrated by the fact that in May 2015, apart from a restyling that updated the Rossorubino in a version that today we would call 2.0, the team decided to implement a 30mq kitchen, where new sensations are experienced. The place of the vivacious colors and the perfume of wines is part of the project of creating a location, where a nice environment stimulates the emotions and sensations. Slates, plays of lights and transparencies and the vivid red color of the walls are integrated with the warmth of the wood, creating a sober and cozy atmosphere.

The structure of the shop is very well studied and raised with a subdivision by typology, starting with bubbles (champagne, spumanti, prosecco and, obviously CAVA!) and following with red wines from Piemonte and those from other regions like Valle d’Aosta until the deep Sicily. We do not forget to say that the center of the store is a space dedicated to spirits and sweet wines.

On 5th May, from 11.30 a.m to 22:00 p.m, the great team of Rossorubino organized a seminar entitled « We talk about cava, or better, we taste it » and presented our range of product.
The success was outstanding and Edoardo, who is not usually very open and communicative, did not stop sending us What’s app messages with pictures of empty bottles, making us feel an active part of this event, although 800 km far away.

Motivated and very satisfied with the deep bond that we have with them, we desire to see all the components of this magnificent and dynamic team soon; savoring our cava, trusting in their advice and making us take away from their suggestion and their cuisine.


Kyiv Wine Festival – Ukraine

GOODWINE or WINEBUREAU is a distribution company of Ukraine. His story began with the dream of creating a place where it would be possible to buy good wines at fair prices. From this idea, the company was born. This is a place where dreams are incarnated and endure. Nowadays its fame is recognized worldwide, the company not only dedicates itself to the direct importation of wines, but also alcoholic spirits, beers and craft drinks and healthy foods, thus spreading its philosophy of proposing a lifestyle healthy under the consumption of high quality products.

Many things have changed during the 10 years of Winebureau’s existence, but its principles and its love for the service have remained eternal.
Our export team undertook the trip to Kiev on the weekend of 1st of June to witness the KYIV WINE festival and to support the good wine team in the promotion of Primerisimo, Heretat and Lacrima Baccus Rosé Semi Dry.

This event, organized in an hastily manner by a young team characterized by a strong desire to bet and aim for the maximum of aspirations, had a participation of 7.500 visitors who enjoyed discovering the 80 wineries of 11 different countries such as Cesari, Ruffino , Poliziano, Bruendlmayer and the neighbors Juvé & Camps, Codorniu and Marqués de Riscal. An initiative that had not only as main character wine, Prosecco or Lambrusco, but mostly people, the true souls of the party, those people who have to transmit all the passion and fervor which is behind a brand or a beautiful bottle.

The welcome cocktail organized the day before the festival gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better, to confront each other and, why not, to have fun all together before a hard day of event!
We enjoyed very much the glamorous setting of the Kiev restaurant, located on the seventh floor of a building with a magnificent view of the golden and bluish domes of the Orthodox churches of the city and the true birth of RUS OF KIEV.

The charm of the elegant Ukrainians enchanted the place. In their festive dresses and with their Slavic beauty residing in the harmony of physicality and spirituality, in a combination of brightness, youthful carelessness and profound wisdom of the ancestors.

Kiev is a city in evident expansion and with a great and humble curiosity about the world of wine and this is demonstrated by the 7,000 open bottles in total (on average 1 per visitor) and more than 600 representatives of the Horeca channel who visited the festival throughout the day. It was a real success for our brand Lacrima Baccus, in fact, 4 hours before the end of this event we finished all bottles available.

Budmo to all! We wish to return soon in this entrancing city.