Prague is the most breathtaking capital of Eastern Europe, a city that has been reborn in recent years after decades of darkness.

The castle is what stands out most, a majestic building visible from all corners of Prague next to the cathedral that is inside the walls of the castle itself, an important example of the Gothic architecture, which characterizes the capital.

What surprises most is the beauty of the Charles Bridge, where you can admire the famous statues of the saints. A place impregnated with magic, whose legend tells that at night its statues come alive to take care of the children of the Kampa Island.

Our advice is to leave the map of the city in the hotel, free the mind and get lost in the poetry of its alleys, living fully in the charm of the city.

Our export team did in this way and, apart from visiting its distributor and its final customers, enjoyed its way through the old streets of the capital.

The aim of our travel was to visit our distributor Alifea. Martin Bily, the owner, a true simple winemaker, humble and a lover of quality, organized for the members of his wine club a tasting. In the same moment, the sommelier of the importer was in the German embassy in Prague flavoring his products in company of consuls, secretaries and advisers.

Martin often organizes tasting activities with an audience of 50 people at most. He prefers that only few people take part in these types of events, in this way the treatment is closer, familiar, the confrontation takes place without fear and there is an opportunity to exchange opinions between experts and not, without presumption. The event was organized impeccably. Two tables, one to the first floor and another in the second where the following wineries presented the products:

Lacrima Baccus, with Heretat brut y Lacrima Baccus Brut Rosé, Pelins, I feudi di Romans , Bodegas Navajas, Domaine Schoffit, Bodegas volcanes de Chile, Domaine Joel Delaunay, Cave Pilot de Gallician, Peter Zemmer, La Smilla Gavi, Weingut Hoffranzen.

We had the opportunity to meet all the guests, who were very surprised to see a representative of a winery, a day during the week, in Prague at 18.00 o’ clock!

Prague is a city in expansion, very cosmopolitan with a strong tourism. Martin has only worked with us for 4 months, but he does an excellent job as brand ambassador, due to his passion and fervor. He always has a wine glass in his hand and never tires of tasting, listening and learning and ... obviously, he consults his sommelier at all times.

We have another important event scheduled for September with a forecast of 1,000 people.

Martin is a perfectionist man and he is loyal, not only in terms of price quality, but also in creating magical moments and unforgettable experiences, pampering the costumers all the time. For this reason, the export team supports him, whenever he needs. We are convinced of a lasting and consolidated relationship with the Alifea group.