Hungarian culture is one of the richest cultures known in Europe. Hungary is a nation that for decades has been supervised by the Soviet influence, but nowadays, freed from this heavy burden, it is a very proud Country, which wants to show the world its tradition and its folklore, without forgetting to announce the magnificence of its cultural and artistic heritage.

The mission organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa and planned by the expert in International Trade Montse Llimos Torres had a positive feedback and we obtained discrete results. In addition to our team, a Novell coffee commercial and a commercial of industrial machine joined the market’s mission in Hungary.

Keep in mind that Hungary is a very difficult market to penetrate; we have to consider that strategically, it deals with a very central key-country that borders Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. For our brand is crucial to be present, but we should bear in mind that, apart from its political situation, Hungary is a quite protectionist country. The most important sectors in this country are the secondary and tertiary sector (machinery, services, technology).

As far as the wine sector is concerned, it should be noted that in the last years, Hungary has experienced a gradual growth, but also a reduction in the volume of imports and an increase in exports, being a reference country in the wine sector with its production of Tokaji. The Hungarian government and the companies themselves invest in advertising campaigns and use different means to attract attention to local wines.

The price factor for the Hungarian market is decisive and it is considered that the quality-price ratio of Spanish wine is better than that of Hungarian; at this point, we can affirm that Spanish wine is more competitive and we have to take advantage from this. Another reason for the presence of Spanish wines is the fact that it considerably increases the offer in a country where wine is a traditionally part of gastronomy. The Spanish white wines are emerging in recent years compared to the consolidated red wines, especially those from the Rioja appellation of origin.

Cava is a slightly delicate product to treat, since Germany and Austria are the biggest importers and since sparkling wines are produced there. Anyway, our export team met different distributors of the capital, proposing its brand and explaining exhaustively the product portfolio, and especially its vision and business values.

We patiently wait for feedback from them, after having sent our products as samples!

On behalf of the entire export team, we thank for the attention received during the cocktail at the Zenit hotel in Budapest in honor of our presence at the mission. Major Sandor from the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Hungary took care of the organization of our agenda with professionalism and patience, the market analyst Tibor and the commercial economic advisor of the Embassy of Spain in Budapest Susana de Ibarrondo Guerrilla Echevarria were unique and nice.