It is difficult to describe and reproduce with words the awe-inspiring city of Amsterdam.

There is always the tendency to compare it as the Venice of the north because of its numerous channels and its peculiar construction. We disagree with this "stereotyped image" and we define it as a city with a unique and incomparable identity. One of the most fascinating cities in the world, a small paradise loved and appreciated by tourists for its romantic and changing appearance, a place where the visitor loses himself among the many cultural activities, the ancient architecture, and at the same time modern, and its museums. Venice is static, classic, magnificent and conservative, Amsterdam; on the contrary, it is dynamic, multicultural, respectful of the environment, very youthful and chameleonic in what it offers.Our export team was in this city to participate in the World Leading Leading Wines event, on 30th of January, looking for importers and distributors who fall in love not only with our cavas, but also with our passion and work’s method, always faithful to our business values, the DNA that flows through our veins.

These importers are attracted to attend the event for the international range of quality wines, which are present to the event and most importantly, for their interest in the new wines, cavas, champagnes and proseccos available to expend their portfolios.

It is interesting to know that, at the request of the senior trade buyers who attended the World Leading Leading Wines events, only wineries of internationally recognized quality are invited. Therefore, only producers whose wines won recognition such as Decanter World Wine Awards, Concourse Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine and Spirits Competition, London International Wine Challenge, Mundus Vini, Wine Advocate/Robert Parker, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator, The major national wine competitions are invited.

At the beginning of the event, we realized that it was a bit hard to begin the comparison and the exchange of opinions with the distributors and overwhelmed with a feeling of impatience and with the desire to interact with some importers, we understood that it was still a little early to have such immediate pretensions. Since the event ended with a dinner, it was clear that the importers would not come early in the morning to try the interesting products. Only after a while, finally the light ... and the first interested importers!

De Lange, a company that covers the area of ​​Amsterdam, Beauvin Wijnhandel, satisfied with our proposal of organic cavas, The Wine Guys, an importer with a curious name that is engaged in online sales and Bouvigne Wijnimport an importer who does not included cava in its portfolio and which is studying the possibility of incorporating one. We continue interacting with other interested distributors such as Brindiamo, which, as the name suggests, basically works with Italian wines, but is increasingly confident of incorporating a product of our denomination of origin, Wijnkoperij Cees Van Noord interested in a Premium range, and Damar Imangil, a small import, but very well segmented.

Although tired, we did not give up and during the dinner, we took advantage to serve our cavas, following a logical order according to the proposed menu. It was fair with this action and our perseverance that we knew the representatives of Schermer, a very good importer who felt in love with the characteristics and the balanced aromas of our products, Ton Overmars, who did not waste time and made a business appointment with us at Prowein 2019 and Erik van Dujin very receptive in collaborating with us.

Our export team, after evaluating the profile of distributors, is increasingly sure that organic products in markets of countries such as Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany Belgium, are unspeakable success and this range become essential.

Evidently, our business trips are a tool to sell and make our products more known, but we do not focus only on this important aim. Our team, during its travels, regenerates itself, recharges the batteries, and returns new and full of energy to the winery, with an important suitcase ... that of the acquired experience!Abroad, our team finds many more answers to its questions and be amazed with everything it see, from the most trivial to the most unusual and it get excited with all those people who stumble on its way.We love, apart from showing you photos, to communicate all what we live verbally, to make you feel part of our journey, so that you accompany us and do not leave us alone in our successes and also in our difficulties.

Here in our blog, we leave feelings and important experiences of our trips and we desire with fervor that you enjoy it!