Everything began on 10th of October in New York with the APVSA's mission of penetration of the US market, alone, but accompanied by our most characteristic and representative cavas, which seem to take shape and keep us company in the moments of long and exhausting journeys. Sometimes, it seems that our cavas have a soul of their own and that with the tinkle, caused by the movement of the bottles, they want to communicate their enthusiasm in our adventure.

New York, a city that captivates us every time we cross its trafficked streets, between the beauty of the apex of the Empire State Building, the imposing Flatiron Building, the labyrinthine Rockefeller Centre, the magnificence of the Statue of Liberty, the endless avenue Broadway and the romantic Brooklyn Bridge, which was crossed for the first time by President Chester Arthur, Governor Grover Cleveland and Emilie Roebling, wife of the son of the first chief engineer of the project. It was thanks to the reins of this woman that the work was completed, facing the prevailing machismo at the time.

In this frenetic, cosmopolitan and philanthropic environment, our team had the opportunity to meet many distributors ... the results? Very good acceptance by many distributors, some being astonished by the elegant and refined sumptuousness and integration of the bubbles, others more skeptical, showing difficulties to understand how to propose the cava as a product in its preparation, complexity and origin.
The second stop was in the city of Chicago, home to the wind, blues and jazz music and skyscrapers. Mark Twain wrote: "It is impossible for an occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago, and it grows and develops faster than the prophecies concerning it." More than a century later, his words still sound very real.

Among distributors, influencer and blogger we felt very comfortable and well accepted, seeing even more possibilities of entrance in the market.
Next stop was Miami, the charming city of relax and fun, an international financial and cultural centre.
Being a centre of cultural and linguistic links between North America, South America and the Caribbean, it is also called "the capital of the Americas". For Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams it was a place to be calm and relaxed, thanks to its tropical climate and its Caribbean beaches, but also an inspiration. Not in vain, Hemingway wrote his only novel written in the United States, “To Have and Not to Have”, in a beautiful little house in Spanish colonial style.

The dynamics of market penetration here were a little more different. Our team, very motivated by the warm and sunny days and the proximity of the people, who made this city take a piece of our hearts, visited many restaurants and specialized shops, due to the high tourism of the city. Armed with patience and vigour of spirit, with the enthusiasm of those, who always want to obtain the best results, we get good future prospects, apart from the memories of all those who devoted their time to taste and understand our products.
A simply unforgettable trip. The human kind intrigues us in its totality and complexity, we enjoy the fact that people know us, but even more we enjoy the privilege of finding these people who by fatalist chance cross our ways. During this process of knowledge we talk to them not only about our products, but also, moved by the typical natural inclination, about our experience, our lives ...