Meanwhile we are traveling to Russia, to promote our entire range of Lacrima Baccus, we also decided to focus on Poland, to find an importer.

So, we loaded the batteries for our final stretch, and almost at the end of a year full of surprises, novelties, illusions and maybe disappointments, we boarded the plane for another adventure.

Our export team, after a team meeting about the evaluation of this proposal, decided to take into consideration the participation of Fair Enoexpo in Krakow, in its 16th edition, through Prodeca regarding the dates 7th, 8th and 9th of November .

As the times of the fair were very marked, we did not have time to visit the city, that, although we know very well, it leaves us breathless every time.

The first day we realized that the influx of the public was good, with a large participation of end customers, bloggers, journalists, sommeliers, wine-enthusiasts and restaurants. A tasting of Summum was carried out through Acció, together with the other wines from the Prodeca stands, addressed to the public and, in part, to a prominent Polish sommelier.

The second day was developed in the same way, around many wine lovers and wine enthusiasts, we were grateful and proud to share our products with people who truly appreciated the cava, our land and our heritage.

Only the third day we realized the high influx of visitors, including importers, some more than others interested in samples of our varied range.

Our reflection is undoubtedly related to a very personal, almost sentimental aspect. If we think about when our adventure began a few years ago and where we have arrived, we are satisfied with the work that we are developing little by little.

Despite the results, the fair has not been a goal, but an important starting point for our winery, which wants to challenge itself more and more. The demonstration of our actions is evidently shown by all those who receive them in the first person every day, and they are shared by our customers, our distributors ... and all of you.